Loughcrew Equinox


Equinoxes and solstices are astronomical events that mark the suns seasonal movements in the sky. The Equinox is the halfway point in the year between the Summer and Winter solstices. It is over this 3 day period that the back stone in Cairn T is lit up by the morning sunlight shining down the passage way. The Loughcrew Equinox is a unique experience not to be missed!

Equinox - Edited

On the mornings of the Equinox the OPW are on hand to open the Cairn before the sun rises. People form a queue around the side of the Cairn. The spectacle lasts about 50 minutes which allows most people time to get inside in groups of 5/6. We recommend getting to the site about 45 minutes before sunrise to allow time to walk to the passage tombs on Carnbane East. Cairn T is just one passage tomb in the Loughcrew complex. To find out more about the Loughcrew passage tombs click here

Each year we host different events such as holistic therapies, talks, walks and family fun. To find out about upcoming or previous Equinox events click here

To help with the early start we provide breakfast at sunrise and different types of accommodation ranging from €10 to €110 per night. From here it is just a short walk to the Cairn T. To find out more about our accommodation click here


Enjoy the following video from Michael Fox:

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