Tips For Visiting Loughcrew


With a history older than Newgrange and stunning 360˚ views it's easy to see why this hidden gem is becoming more popular. Here are some tips if you are visiting for the first time:

Dress for the weather

No matter what time of the year, it can get quite cold on the top of the highest point in Meath. Bring a coat and have suitable footwear for some of the muddy spots.


Get the key or check OPW opening times

The OPW guides are on the hill from about 10am-5pm during May-August approx. They allow people into Cairn T.

During the off season times you can collect the key from Loughcrew Gardens café or get a tour from Loughcrew Megalithic Centre (tour booking essential). Key is available from 10am-4pm and must be returned before 5pm.

Take a tour or get a guide book

Tour of Loughcrew

There are a range of daily tours available from Loughcrew Megalithic Centre which is fully guided and includes tea/coffee and food. Also in the centre is a selection of guide books of varying prices.


Bring a torch

To see the wonderful art inside Cairn T you will need to illuminate it. These 5,000 year old cravings have stood the test of time and continue to fascinate people.


Visit During the Equinox

If possible the best time to visit is in March and September when the Equinox happens and you can join in with the local festival. Accommodation is available to help with the early mornings. Choose from camping or a bed at the hostel at Loughcrew Megalithic Centre.


Visit Maggie’s Cottage

The last cottage on the lane when the tombs were rediscovered in 1865. Maggie was on hand to provide help to the first tourist to the site. This tradition is still happening with the centre that evolved around this homely cottage.

Grab a coffee or lunch at Nelly’s Café

Cafe Next Door

Open all year round this homely coffee shop will warm you up with some homemade soup or delicious Bewley’s coffee.

Stay A Few Days

courtyard at loughcrew

Relaxing Courtyard

With so much to do in the area, why not stay in our homely cottage or campsite. You'll find all the local tourist information for your trip in our centre.


loughcrew tour page click here for accommodation

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