Equinox Meditation with Debbie Boyle

Equinox Meditation with Debbie Boyle

Sunday 22nd of September at 11.30

On Sunday the 22nd of September at 11.30 till 1.30pm, Debbie will be facilitating a healing meditation circle in Loughcrew Megalithic Centre. The class will be working with the pure sacred energies of the land and the powerful and loving angelic frequencies. This class is open to all levels from beginner to the more experienced. On this day mid-point between the Summer and Winter solstice it's an excellent time to reflect and realign or amend your intentions for this year. The ancient ones chose this land as an important ceremonial site allowing them to know and celebrate the exact time of the Equinox . At the Equinox the light shines right into the back of the Cairn at Loughcrew indicating an exact balance of day and night. This makes it an excellent time to realign yourself to balance and harmony within your own life.

After a brief introduction, there will be a guided meditation to release and let go of any conflict, stress or worry, or anything preventing you from being balanced and in harmony within your own body and life. We will concentrate on reconnecting to your true natural alignment of peace and harmony within all parts of your body and life.

You will be given an opportunity to reaffirm your intentions for the year. This is done privately and not shared with the group. It is simple to do and Debbie will talk you through this.

The group will then do a powerful visualization meditation working with the archangels and the ancient pure energies of the land. This will support you to bring deep healing and to assist you to really embrace and align to your intentions. This will also help to bring harmony and balance to all parts of your life.

The group will also do a healing circle, allowing each person to participate in sending positive healing energy into the group. This is simple and powerful and Debbie will guide you through.

You will then have an opportunity to choose some guidance cards if you wish.