Reasons To Go Camping

Thinking of going camping this year, here are a list of reasons to do so:

1. The outdoors are wonderful for your health and well being. At Loughcrew you will be close to nature and have a chance to do some hiking and exploring without getting back in your car.

2. Great chance to create memories with your family and friends. Have fun together putting up the tent and work with each in creating a home away from home.

Loughcrew Picnic

3. Learn some practical skills. As well as increasing your building knowledge, you also learn skills that can help in an emergency situation.

4. Better vision as you take a break from the TV or computer screen. It's hard to avoid in the house but when camping there are lots to be  done that TV can be forgotten about.

5. A well needed break from gadgets.

6. Change of scenery. See the world from a different point of view and with our campsite beside the highest point in the Boyne Valley you'll feel on top of the world.

Loughcrew View

7. It’s a cheap holiday option. A good tent and sleeping bags that can be reused over and over again make it a great investment. For ultra comfort, some chairs to kick back and relax in.

8. Food tastes even better. The smell and taste of food cooking outdoors with get all the family licking their lips. Be sure to bring some wet wipes to clean off those fingers.

courtyard at loughcrew

9. Rediscover relationships. More time to do activities together and create special bonds.

10. Experience real darkness and quietness (in a good way). And stars! Away from city lights allow you to view the night sky in all it's beauty at Loughcrew.

11. Your sleep cycle will reset. Mmmm deep sleep.

12. Meet new people. Strike up a conversation easily with like-minded people sharing the campground.

Family Camping in Loughcrew

13. Experience the mesmerising flames of a camp fire.

14. It’s fun!

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