Loughcrew Spiritual Tour

Loughcrew Spiritual Tour


Tour Description

This tour is a means of bringing people back 6000 years, to when the first settlers arrived here, Neolithic farmers who came from the eastern Mediterranean. The tour follows the procedure our ancestors would have taken, visiting the resting place of the spirits of the first settlers here. loughcrew has a huge, if little know, place in our history.

Being an ancient teamhair, it spawned the development of spiritual cleansing and indigenous Irish Spirituality, in relation to the Boyne Valley. The tour starts at the well, enters the sacred landscape, where we ask permission to enter sacred space and walk with our ancestors. we learn how to gift the hawthorn tree, how to split earth fast glacial erratics and how these giant slabs of stone were used, carved and placed erect, to form the walls and roofs of the passages in the passage chambered cairns and tumuli of Bru na Boinne.

As we travel uphill,  we learn how to see, and understand, our footprint on the land and how to read 6000 years of continuous history on the landscape. As we continue uphill, we learn how we are indegenous to this land, why the cairns were built, their alignment and function and how indigenous spirituality, emerging from spirituality charged Loughcrew and the greater Boyne Valley, formed the basis for Celtic Sprituality.

We also learn how to ''decipher'' passage chamber art, why and how it was carved, and how it is a basic form of symbolic ''writing'' or communication. We look at the symbolic art of the 5,500 year old Cairn T and learn to interpret what is possibly the first written history of Ireland, written in stone, some 5,500 years ago and how it closely relates to the history of the guiding spirit, ''an Cailleach'', the the ''Veiled One'' who guided the ancients here, 6000 years ago.

Suitable footwear and clothing are advised when visiting this site as it is a steep incline and can be slippery in wet weather. The duration of this tour of the cairns will be 2/2.5 hours long

Location: Loughcrew Megalithic Centre 

Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours

Price: €60 for 1 or 2 people and €6 per extra person

Book Now: Email your preferred date and time to info@loughcrewmega.com