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"Good Morning Sweet Loughcrew" a book by Martin Shortt

Good Morning Sweet Loughcrew is based on how life was lived on a rural farm in Ireland in the 1950's and 60's. Loughcrew is home to the world famous megalithic tombs, oldest cemetery in Europe. The farm lies amongst these hills where there is a panoramic view of eighteen counties of Ireland. The illustrations in this book are from Loughcrew and portray its natural beauty and landscape. There are also archaelogical illustrations of the monuments and passage tomb complex located here.


"Good Morning Sweet Loughcrew DVD" a video presentation by Martin Shortt

Ireland's thatched cottages are a rare thing nowadays, but back in the day people lived off the land and were very self sufficient. Here is a lovingly restored cottage with a story all of it's own. Hear about the life of Nelly Tobin, who was reared and lived in the cottage that was home to generations of hard working people. The old ways of country living is re­imagined by Martin who spent the first 13 years of his life in this homely cottage.

As Martin guides you through the functions of the all the implements from those days it will give you an insight into the hardship and also the good times of that era. You'll hear about the world class spinner that was Maggie Heaney and the famous person she spun a pair of socks for. The gift in return would change life dramatically for the people living there.

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"Good Morning Sweet Loughcrew" Book & DVD

Good Morning Sweet Loughcrew is available in these two formats, to be enjoyed at home or abroad.