Loughcrew Guide Books

With a range of books and information leaflets on the Cairns, which one is right for you?

1. Loughcrew Megalithic Centre Information Leaflet

Available from the coffee and souvenir shop at the centre at the start point of the Loughcrew Cairns. This leaflet is the basic guide to the hills with a close up map of the hill and a detailed local map encompassing places of interest within 20 miles.

2. Loughcrew: The Cairns A Guide by Jean McMann

First published in 1993, this 46 page guide book has maps, drawings and stories. The archaeology of the tombs are explained in great detail and the time line of discovery is well covered.

3. Loughcrew Cairns - Sliabh Na Cailli - A Visitor's Guide

A collaborative work by people who over the years have developed a deep understanding of the cairns and hills of Loughcrew. Taken from different perspectives it covers the building of the megaliths, the nature, the mystery and the geography of the hills.

4. Good Morning Sweet Loughcrew - Martin Shortt


This one is a story book that delves into the recent history of a family reared on a farm on the hills of Loughcrew. Narrated by Martin who as a boy remembers living in a thatched cottage and the hard times of farm life but also the joy of a simpler time.



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